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Evaluation Theory and Practice is a peer-reviewed journal that complies with the requirements of the Council for Research, Development and Innovation of the Czech Republic.

The journal publishes scientific papers and reviews or comparative articles. Each article thematically touches on the areas in which evaluations are used the most, especially European Investment and Structural Funds, foreign development, public policies and intervention programs. Specialized essays are focused on evidence-based policy, issues of evaluations in education, project evaluation methods, opportunities and limits of evaluative techniques when assessing employees, on methods useful in Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA), performance evaluation and on other topics.



Editorial board:

Ing. Mgr. Jiří Remr, Ph.D., MBA, Head of editorial board and Chief editor, Institute for Evaluations and Social Analyses & Czech Evaluation Society

Ing. Dagmar Gombitová, Slovak Evaluation Society

Prof. RNDr. Jan Hendl, CSc., Charles University, Faculty of Social Science; Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci

Prof. PhDr. Hynek Jeřábek, CSc., Charles University, Faculty of Social Science

PhDr. Marie Kaufmann, independent consultant

Ing. Vladimír Kváča, Ph.D., Ministry of regional development CZ

Ing. Oto Potluka, Ph.D., University of Basel, Center for Philanthropy Studies & Czech Evaluation Society


Evaluation Theory and Practice has been a biannual publication since summer 2013.


MK ČR E 21329

ISSN: 2336-114X (printed edition)

ISSN: 2336-1158 (on-line edition)


3. 3. 2016
Special Issue
22. 6. 2015
New issue of 2015
5. 12. 2014
Aktualizace Seznamu recenzovaných neimpaktovaných periodik v ČR



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