Peer review process

The editorial office makes the first assessment of the received article. If the article corresponds with the journal objectives and meets the requirements of a scientific text, it is forwarded for the peer-review process. If the article is not within the field of evaluations or social sciences and does not fulfill the formal requirements, the editorial office will return the article to the author for revision, or refuse to publish the article.

The article is assessed by at least two independent reviewers. The editorial office selects the reviewers so that none of them are employees of or affiliated with the same institution as the author or one of the co-authors. None of the reviewers are in conflict of interest regarding peer-reviewed articles. All peer reviews undergo this double-blind process and remain completely unbiased.

If both reviewers recommend the article for publication, the chief editor confirms its publication and lets the author know about said decision. Alternatively, the chief editor may send the author review recommendations for article adjustments. If a reviewer recommends a revision or rewrite, the chief editor returns the article back to the author with detailed comments and recommendations from the reviewer(s). If neither reviewer recommends the article for publication, the chief editor returns the text to the author with reasons for refusal.

If the article is returned to the author for revision based on the results of the peer-review process, the author must resend the revised article to the editorial office again after incorporating reviewer comments and recommendations. If the author´s editing does not conform to the comments and recommendations of the primary reviewers and the chief editor is not be able to objectively assess the variance between author and reviewers  , the chief editor will ask a third reviewer for an additional peer review.

The chief editor makes the final decision on article acceptance or rejection. The executive officer will inform the author about results of the peer-review, including the expected date of publication.



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