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Evaluation of the Impact of EU Funds on the Capacity of the Czech Public Benefit Organisations

Martin Špaček



Czech non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have long been struggling by insufficient capacities. The Structural Funds have become a new source for financing NGOs´ activities after the Czech Republic´s accession to the European Union. The presented evaluation study aims to estimate the impact of this source of financing on development of financial and personnel capacities of public benefit organisations (o.p.s.) operating in the Czech Republic. Total revenue, profit before taxation, total personnel expenses and total debts were selected as observed indicators of capacities of o.p.s. The information was obtained from the accounts of individual organizations. There is data on 188 o.p.s. which is used to estimate the impact. The method of matching was used for pairing together with application of the differences-in-differences method. The method of pairing created 56 pairs of organizations with similar characteristics. A positive impact of the Structural Funds on capacities of Czech o.p.s. was found.


Martin Špaček, Katedra managementu, Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, martin.spacek@vse.cz

Špaček, M. (2013) „Hodnocení dopadů fondů EU na kapacity českých obecně prospěšných společností“. Evaluační teorie a praxe 1(1): 101-119


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