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Experience with Counterfactual Impact Evaluation in the Czech Republic

Oto Potluka, Jan Brůha



The growing interest in studying impacts of implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy resulted in application of rigorous evaluation methods. This study aims at sharing experience with the process of implementation of a counterfactual impact evaluation in the Czech Republic as there is not much experience with the application of such evaluations in the EU Cohesion policy. In particular, the paper concentrates on the most problematic parts of this type of evaluation that are mainly data collection and data processing and pitfalls of the used methods.

For this purpose the paper uses counterfactual Impact evaluation "Pilot counterfactual impact evaluation OP HRE Area 1.1" as a case to show experience. Specifically, the evaluation of the impacts of the European Social Fund trainings in companies as a case study is employed as a case study.

Experience and results of this study can be then used in the preparation of future impact evaluations not only for the European Social Fund, but also for the European Regional Development Fund in 2014–2020. The implementation of counterfactual impact evaluations may result in increased effectiveness of the Structural Funds interventions through targeted calls for proposals.


Oto Potluka, Katedra managementu, Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, potluka@vse.cz; Jan Brůha, Katedra managementu, Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze, jan_bruha@yahoo.co.uk

Potluka, O., Brůha, J. (2013) „Zkušenosti s kontrafaktuální dopadovou evaluací v České republice“. Evaluační teorie a praxe 1(1): 53-68


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