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Regulatory Impact Assessment on Equality between Men and Women: Czech Practise in 2007–2014

Kristýna Hondlíková, Eva M. Hejzlarová


Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in the Czech Republic and namely its part focusing on equality between men and women is considerably underresearched in terms of its real form, content and specifics of the RIA performance as well as the extent of its compliance with the official guidelines. The dataset containing 236 outputs of the RIA performed by three ministries in 2007–2014 is put to evaluation through the created analytical tool. Subsequently, the outcomes of the analysis are triangulated through expert interviews. The paper concludes that the RIA on equality between men and women is affected by the low compliance with the guidelines, overshadowing and downplaying of the impact on equality, low variability and mechanical creation of the assessment outputs, simultaneous assessment of more and different impacts and solely superficial knowledge of the gender issue. In addition, systemic obstacles, including indifferent approach to the gender issue, absence of unified methodology for RIA on equality between men and women, contradiction and inadequacy ofthe guidelines novelizations and limited personnel capacity of the key actors are identified. However, the transformation is detected, particularly of the assessment output extent and systemic activities aimed to support gender issue. The paper precises earlier findings on RIA in the Czech Republic.

Kristýna Hondlíková, Fakulta sociálních věd Univerzity Karlovy v Praze, hondlikk@gmail.com; Eva M. Hejzlarová, Fakulta sociálních věd Univerzity Karlovy v Praze, eva.hejzlarova@fsv.cuni.cz

HONDLÍKOVÁ, K., HEJZLAROVÁ, E. M. (2015) „Hodnocení dopadů regulace na rovnost mužů a žen: česká praxe v letech 2007–2014“. Evaluační teorie a praxe 3(2): 29–5 


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