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Bibliometrics as a Tool for R&D Programmes Evaluation in the Czech Republic

Vladislav Čadil


The aim of this article is to introduce bibliometrics, a field based on quantitative analysis of scientific publications, as a tool for research programmes evaluation. It points out weaknesses of bibiometrics and proposes potential use of bibliometrics for evaluation of research programmes implemented in the Czech Republic. Bibliometrics is widely used for evaluation of production and quality of research, co-operation and knowledge transfer. It is a valuable basis for peer review evaluation and for validation of peer review evaluation outputs. The strengths of the application of bibliometrics consist in relatively low cost, short time needed for evaluation and the possibility of generalization. Weaknesses are huge differences among scientific fields in terms of their publication and citation praxis limiting evaluation of applied research and humanities. In the Czech Republic, the bibliometric evaluation has not been applied yet, nevertheless, foreign practices show that bibliometrics is a useful tool for ex-post and impact evaluations. The article proposes possible indicators, which could be used for programmes evaluations in the Czech Republic.

Vladislav Čadil, Technologické centrum AV ČR, cadil@tc.cz

ČADIL, V. (2015) „Bibliometrie jako nástroj hodnocení programů výzkumu a vývoje v České republice.“. Evaluační teorie a praxe 3(2): 1–27


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5. 12. 2014
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