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Evaluation of Public Expenditure Programmes in Air Quality Protection

Jan Brůha, Oto Potluka


Air pollution is proven to adversely affect human health. For this reason, public authorities intervene to decrease air pollution. In the Czech Republic, an example of such an intervention is the Operational Programme Environment. This article asks whether the investments under the priority axis 2 of this programme have led to a decrease in air pollution in the Ostrava region.

The synthetic control method is used to estimate the impacts of the intervention. This method is based on an artificially created comparison group for the evaluated region. The impact of the intervention on air pollution after the year 2012 is estimated on the monthly data of average concentrations of pollutants PM2.5 and PM10.

The results show that this investment has not led to a significant reduction in pollutant concentrations. The caveat is that time series is still too short and the reduction of air pollution due to impacts of the Operational Programme Environment may be identified in future.

Jan Brůha, Katedra managementu VŠE v Praze, jan_bruha@yahoo.co.uk; Oto Potluka, Katedra managementu VŠE v Praze, potluka@vse.cz

BRŮHA, J., POTLUKA O. (2015) „Evaluace dopadů veřejných výdajových programů na kvalitu ovzduší“. Evaluační teorie a praxe 3(2): 61–78


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